Sunday Times

What to expect:

We have a 9am Sunday service at our venue in Greyville. Our service runs for 1 hour and 30 minutes and typically includes worship, announcements and a sermon. We have a cafe area where people gather after the service for coffee and chats.

Bring the kids:

Our services are designed with the whole family in mind. We have children facilities and run classes for 3-7 year olds; 8-12 year olds and also teenagers. We have a parents room for those with toddlers and babies and it is connected to the auditorium with sound and visuals so parents can still partake in the service.

What about parking:

We are on the roof level of the building so you will have to drive up a ramp to arrive at our own parking lot. If this parking lot is full there is ample parking in the building on lower levels.

Service Times

Every Nation Family Service
Time: 09:00 am

Student Service
10:30am – During Semester only


Roof Level,
369 Walkers Lane