We have various teams and ministries where you can use the talents God has given you. Click “join” to send a message and we will get you involved.

“We believe the local church is the place where we are meant to SERVE, give back, help others and change communities. We believe that we fight evil with good and that we should spend our lives SERVING people who need it and projects that change the world. We believe our hands can make a difference and we place great value in having a faith that SERVE others. This is what following Jesus is all about…”

Campus ministrySbo

This ministry is active all week reaching, discipling and impacting students. Serving opportunities include doing evangelism, leading connect groups for students or serving at Services and events.

Serve: once a week during semester.
Church MaintenanceRenugan

This ministry is for all the handy people in the church who can help with various projects upgrading and maintaining our venue. Serving opportunities are random and need based. Join  

This ministry is the social responsibility arm of our church. It initiates food and clothing drives, provides parcels to those in need and partners with other organizations making an impact in our city. There are plenty serving opportunities to do fundraising, distribution, visiting and empowering street children.

Serve: There are weekly tasks and some random and need based tasks.
KidsMark & Zimana

We have classes for all age groups running at our Sunday service. Serving opportunities include teaching or assisting teachers, leading worship, multimedia etc

Serve: once every three weeks

Arrive time: Sundays 7:30am

This team basically runs our Sunday service. Serving opportunities include helping with refreshments and housekeeping, selling media and resources, welcoming our first time visitors and ushering or altar ministry. Serve: Once every three weeks. Arrive time: Sundays 7:30am Join  
247 PrayerWayne

This team is responsible for stewarding our 247 prayer room and keeping it used and open for the city. If you are good with social media, communications, and love prayer - then this is the team for you:

Serve: Once every three weeks. Arrive time: Sundays 7:10am
Market placeAndre & NavashaAndre-and-NavashaThis ministry trains and equips those in the market place with practical Kingdom principles and how to apply them in the work and business spaces. Serving opportunities include event management, hospitality, training etc. Serve: Infrequently.  Join 
Tech teamNtokozo

This team has the following four roles which make sure our services are broadcast every Sunday: Sound, camera, multimedia, producer. If tech is your thing then please join this team. (We do provide the necessary training so no experience required other than a willingness to learn.) services. Serve: Once every three weeks. Arrive time: Sundays 7:30am Join  
WorshipSandileLeading praise and worship in our Sunday services. Serving opportunities for all vocalists, musicians, dancers, poetry and drama performers. Serve: once every three weeks. Practice on Saturdays; arrive at 7:10am on Sundays. To join you must complete the video trainings and attend a ‘worship intake’ session held bi-monthly. Join  
Creative ArtsCreative ArtsCreative arts ministry is for all our dancers, poets, singers, painters and actors! If you are you gifted in any of these disciplines and would like to use your gift to serve the church and worship God then contact us and we will show you how to get involved.
Serve: Infrequently 
Social MediaNosipho
Calling all digital creatives and photographers! This team is responsible for capturing those priceless family moments, creating graphics and videos for events, sermons or courses and sharing all on our church social media accounts.
Serve: infrequently / as and when needed.

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