Baptism in the Holy Spirit

Here are some guidelines for praying for the baptism of the Holy Spirit:

  • It is beneficial to have one leader with each person being prayed for
  • It would be good to explain that when some people receive the spirit they shake, fall over, start to laugh or cry, speak in tongues and prophecy. Make sure they understand that this is perfectly natural when the Holy Spirit comes.
  • Ask the believers to raise their hands to heaven (not imperative, but helps people to open their hearts to receive from God, not man)
  • The person who is leading the meeting should pray a general prayer over all the believers (asking for God’s presence, God’s peace, and for the Holy Spirit to fall on each person) For example:
    o Heavenly Father, thank you for your love for me. Thank you for giving me the Holy Spirit. I ask you now to fill me with the Holy Spirit. I pray that you would give the fruit of the Spirit as well as the gifts of the Spirit. I ask that you would also give me the gift of tongues, my new heavenly prayer language. I receive it now by faith. In Jesus name I pray, Amen’
  • Ask each leader to lay their hand gently on the person’s shoulders, and let them take a deep breath in and begin to speak in tongues. Some people might be scared, and will doubt, give them time, encourage them, but don’t leave them until they are receiving.
  • Expect God’s power to manifest!

It is important that you have made the following preparations:

  • That you have enough leaders to help 
  • That these leaders are instructed on how to:
  • Pray for people
  • Catch people who might fall
  • Deal with any demonic manifestations
  • That you have tissues available for those who will cry